In Abeokuta, primary suspect in couple’s murder escaped from police custody

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According to reports, the suspect pretended to be ill and fled after entering the hospital.

According to recent reports, the main suspect in the horrifying murder of Kehinde and Bukola Fatinoye in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State, may have escaped from police custody.

Even while attempts to gain a response from the police public relations officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, proved fruitless, the state’s police have not yet confirmed the development.

After being apprehended on Tuesday, the main suspect, who was only given the name Lekan, reportedly fled from police custody at the Ibara Police Divisional Headquarter.

Lekan, who up until Friday served as Mrs. Fatinoye’s driver, is said to have remained a top-secret member of the police hierarchy.

The suspect, who was well-known in the Federal University of Agriculture (FUNAAB), where the late Mrs. Bukola Fatinloye worked, was claimed to have been Mrs. Fatinoye’s driver for about two years.

Lekan was reportedly captured after another suspect, a housekeeper for the Fatinoyes, was earlier detained.

According to the source, Lekan was apprehended at Ibara Police Station when the housekeeper, who narrowly escaped being killed by the attackers, recognized him as one of the murderers there.

It was further revealed that the police were unaware that the prime suspect’s slump and apparent death at the time of the statement-taking was really a sham and a ruse to get out of their legal custody.

In order to “rescue” him and aid the police in their investigation, he was apparently brought to a police clinic in Zone II, close to the Secretariat of the Nigerian Union of Journalists in Iwe-Iroyin.

The source claimed that Lekan suddenly woke up, caught the medical staff off guard, and escaped the clinic as they were attempting to “rescue” him.

The source added that the police’s attempts to re-arrest the suspect failed and that there were intermittent gunshots as they pursued the suspect.

However, the police have started a manhunt for the runaway suspect by issuing a wanted poster.

Lekan’s picture has been on a “wanted” poster since last Thursday, but oddly, it is not accompanied by any police insignia.

“Wanted!” the message declared. Wanted!! Wanted!!! This is the man who is allegedly connected to the murder of a couple on New Year’s Eve in Abeokuta.

Lekan is his name, and the police have listed him as wanted even though he is now at large. Anyone who knows him or sees him should get in touch with the local police department. Please share.

It is anticipated that the police will make a statement to support or refute rumors that the main suspect is no longer in their custody.

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