Ogun State Anthem Lyrics or Song

Ogun State Anthem

The Ogun State Anthem is sung at the start of every Ogun State government and its agencies’ special programs or occasions. The anthem is among the most popular state anthems or songs in Nigeria.

What is a State Anthem/Song?

An anthem is a song that has special meaning or importance for a particular group of people, a state, an organization, or a country and is often sung on a special occasion.

Who Composed the Ogun State Anthem and When Was It Composed?

The Ogun State Anthem, Ise Ya, was composed by a renowned musicologist and composer, late Chief Dayo Dedeke in 1976. It was adopted the same year, as the state’s anthem by the military administration of Saidu Ayodele Balogun.


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Lyrics of the Ogun State Anthem / Song – “Ise ya a”

Ise ya a a
Ise ya a a
Omo Ogun ise ya a
Olodumare ise ma ya o e e

Ise ya
Enyin omo Ogun e se giri
Ise po fun wa lati se e e
Omo rere ki isa se e
Omo Ogun ki i s’o le e
Ebere gb’eru o o
Olorun mbe fun wa
E tera mose o o

Ise ya
Omo Ogun ise ya a

That's all folks! That is the lyrics or wordings of the Ogun State Anthem or State's Song. Hope you enjoy it?

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  1. please how can i download the anthem to my device…. thanks

  2. Oluwagbemileke Olutola says:

    i'm Proud to be from OGUN STATE, where intelligent people dwell.

    i love this anthem
    God bless Ogun, God Bless Nigeria, God bless Gbpgbo Omo Lisabi

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