Ijebu Fashion Festival charts path to sustainability, social change

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Recently, numerous fashion designers gathered in Ago-Iwoye for the Ijebu Fashion Festival. There were a lot of people there because of the gathering.

In order to empower and promote regional designers in Ijebu and its surroundings, the organiser brought together young creative minds in Ago-Iwoye.

The two-day celebration of ijebu legacy as an ethnic community with a distinctive dress sense sought to promote sustainability, social change, and other related goals.

The event began with a master class, which brought prominent industry figures to Ijebu to educate, excite, and motivate aspiring creatives with real-world examples and information.

Speaking at the occasion, Aare Safriyu Kazeem, the chairman of the board of trustees for the Ijebu Fashion Festival, said that in order for Nigeria to develop into an industrialised country with strong economic indicators, all hands must be on deck to support the creative sector and enable it to create jobs for the teeming population.

The industrialization and economic development we long for can only become a reality if we have the foundations to sustain it. Although we all look up to the government, it is obvious that it cannot handle the intervention we need on its own, he remarked.

Additionally, the convener, Ayokunle Maraiyesa, stated that the government should foster an environment that allows for economic success.

She claimed that getting a loan has been extremely difficult for business owners, especially Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMSEs), and suggested that the government simplify the loan application procedure.

Maraiyesa pointed out that the festival is a local venue created for up-and-coming designers and artists who desire visibility but lack the resources for a worldwide endeavour.

She added that the major goal is to celebrate awareness, acknowledgment, and empowerment of talented local designers in Ijebu land and its surroundings, as well as to use fashion as a tool for sustainability and social change.

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