Ogun State Anthem Lyrics or Song

Lyrics of Ogun State Anthem or Song

Ogun State Anthem Lyrics – Ise ya a

Ise ya a a
Ise ya a a
Omo Ogun ise ya a
Olodumare ise ma ya o e e Build your website in Ogun State

Ise ya
Enyin omo Ogun e se giri
Ise po fun wa lati se e e
Omo rere ki isa se e
Omo Ogun ki i s’o le e
Ebere gb’eru o o
Olorun mbe fun wa
E tera mose o o

Ise ya
Omo Ogun ise ya a

That’s all folks! That is the Lyrics or wordings of the Ogun State Anthem or State Song. Hope you enjoy it. Please share with others. Thanks.


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  1. i'm Proud to be from OGUN STATE, where intelligent people dwell.

    i love this anthem
    God bless Ogun, God Bless Nigeria, God bless Gbpgbo Omo Lisabi