2-in-1 Stylus Pen for Tablets and Smartphones




  • Combination Stylus/Ballpoint Pen
  • Only 4.75″ Long
  • Removable Top Cap Accesses Pen
  • Soft, Supple Tip Won’t Scratch Screen
  • Uses Standard Parker Ballpoint Refills
  • Integrated Pocket Clip
  • Works with Most Smartphones, Tablets

This 2-in-1 Stylus Pen for Tablets and Smartphones from OgunToday Shop offers you a more than affordable two-in-one deal that will make sure you always have a writing implement with you at all times. This handy 4.75″ stylus features a pull-apart design. The open end is a soft, supple stylus for using on your iPad or smartphone. Once the cap is removed, the ballpoint pen is revealed.

The ballpoint has a fine point for accurate and detailed writing. It uses standard Parker Ballpoint ink cartridge refills. The iPad Stylus end won’t create smears or scratches. The Stylus Pen includes a very handy pocket clip that can be attached to your shirt or portfolio.

  1. This stylus pen doubles as a ballpoint pen
  2. Increased accuracy and comfort for writing, drawing, and navigating
  3. Uses standard Parker Ballpoint ink cartridge refills
  4. Minimizes smears and fingerprints on your touch screen
  5. Supple rubber tip won’t scratch the screen
  6. Built-in pocket clip for convenient storage and transport
  7. Compatible with most tablets, smartphones, and other touch screen devices


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