Obasanjo Charges Military Trainees On Strategy

Members of the Nigerian Armed Forces have been charged to strive to know more about their environment in their quest to have additional knowledge about military strategy and planning.
Obasanjo gave the charge when participants of the National Defence College, Course 23, Group 3, who are on a five-day geo-strategic tour of Ogun State, visited him at his Hill Top residence in Abeokuta .
The former leader urged the participants to put in their best in everything they do as they move ahead in their quest to gain more knowledge about their chosen profession.
“You are here to learn the practical aspect of your profession up to your rank. You will now move to what I will call the high command or higher command, where you learn about high command and strategy.
Strategy not only in terms of your planning as a military or paramilitary or even as a high public officer, but also strategy as far as the issues of your committee is concerned,” he stated.
He further urged the participants to continue to learn more about the issues of the country as they cannot learn about strategy without knowing the environment of their country.
“You cannot learn about strategy, about the issues of your country without knowing the content, the makeup, the specialties if you like, even what I will call the idiosyncrasy of your tour.”
Now, we know what I call the content and if you like the context of things that have happened, things that are happening and things that may happen.”
“Not only that, you must also know the environment in which your country is situated”, Obasanjo said.
The elder statesman decried the vacuum left by Nigeria in the leadership role it should be playing as the largest country in Africa saying, “By population, we are the largest country in Africa, I believe that by the end of the year, our population, if calculated from 2006, will not be less than 180 million. So when you look at our human resources, in terms of the people that God has endowed the country with, then, why are we under-performing now?
“Has God not given us enough resources to play the role? If God has given us, what is missing and how can we bring that which is missing?” Obasanjo queried.

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