Kashamu used forged certificates to contest and win election into the Senate – Sahara Reporters


Kashamu used forged certificates to contest and win election into the Senate says Sahara Reporters.

Senator representing Ogun East, Mr. Buruji Kashamu has been accused of using forged certificates to contest and win his election into the Nigerian Senate.

According to Sahara Reporters investigations, “Mr.Buruji Kashamu, the drug lord wanted in the United States for heroin trafficking and Senator representing Ogun East Senatorial District, used forged educational qualifications to contest and win election to the Nigerian Senate in 2015”.

“Mr.Kashamu, known in the social circles as “Eso Jinadu,” remains the subject of extradition proceedings in the United States. A range of evidence unearthed through SaharaReporters investigations showed that Mr. Kashamu cooked a series of academic qualifications to mask his sparse education background to con the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) to accept he was qualified to run.”

“In the affidavit in support of personal details, deposed to before the Commissioner of Oaths at the Ogun State High Court Registry, Ijebu-Igbo on December 15 2014 and received by INEC three days later, Mr. Kashamu claimed to possess General Certificate of Education (GCE), obtained in 2006; and an Executive Diploma in English for Professionals (EDEP), obtained from the University of Lagos Department of English in 2014.”

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“In the completed INEC CF 001 forms and sworn affidavit, exclusively obtained by SaharaReporters, Mr. Kashamu claimed to have earned seven credits including English Language by tactically blurred the subject section apparently in collusion with INEC officials. His examination number, as shown by the result he claimed to have obtained from the West African Examination Council (WAEC), was 5251320057.”

“As proof of his cooked Executive Diploma in English, the wanted heroin baron, manufactured a letter, which he claimed was signed by Mr. Adeyemi Daramola, Coordinator of the University of Lagos EDEP program. The letter, which bears August 11, 2014, states that Mr. Kashamu participated in the program in the 2012/2013 academic session and completed his “final project” in May 2014.”

“It lists his Matriculation Number as 12213002.”

“He passed by procuring a Merit in the examination. He will be presented with his certificate at a graduation ceremony later this year. Meanwhile, he should be accorded all the privileges of the diploma,” the confected letter states. However, admission requirements into the program obtained by SaharaReporters from the Human Resources Development Centre of the University of Lagos include the possession of a credit pass in the English Language.”

“However, a WAEC modulated examination result obtained by Saharareporters shows that Mr. Kashamu scored F9 in English Language even though he was reportedly in writing the exams by a paid mercenary. This implies that there was no legally valid way he could have qualified for admission into the program let alone receive certification.”

“It also offers an uncomplicated indication that Mr. Kashamu lied under oath, an offense punishable under Section 118 of Nigeria’s Criminal Code, and which carries a penalty of 14 years in prison. Efforts to obtain the reaction of the alleged program coordinator, Mr. Daramola, proved abortive.”

“The politician’s dishonest claims are not limited to the University of Lagos. For example, on n his sponsored Wikipedia page, Mr. Kashamu claimed to have attended Igbobi College, Lagos. But on his official National Assembly page, he claimed to have undergone a correspondence course at Pitman College. The location of the college and the course underwent are conspicuous by their absence.”

“The desperation to come off as garlanded also pushed him to claim that he was awarded an honorary PhD by “Cambridge Graduate University’s College of Law, Policy, and Global Studies.”

“The institution has the dodgy reputation of being a fraudulent degree mill and has been the subject of multiple investigations in the United States. It was famously described by a former watchdog of Degree Authorization, Alan Contreras, as “crude ill-constructed and poorly
conceived pursuit of raw money”.

Story Source: Sahara Reporters

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