Happy Easter: Free SSL Certificate Discount Code for you


Do you have a website? Does it have an SSL Certificate?

Are u aware since July 2018 websites without SSL now displays the warning: ‘Not Secure’ to everyone who visits them? That is true. Since July 2018 Google, Mozilla, Opera, and other browsers now display the ‘Not Secure’ warning on websites without SSL.

If your website is affected, i.e it has no SSL, the simple solution is to get and install an SSL on it.

And, the good news is, you can now get the SSL installed at a less cheap cost.


While others are selling SSL for between N4,500 and N8,000, thereby making it difficult for a lot of people not to afford it, you can now get one from Noworryhost for just N2,950!

Visit www.noworry.host to get it now. Use this free coupon code: IAMSECURE at checkout to get your SSL certificate at just N2,950.

And, there is an icing on the cake for you. They will install the SSL on your website for you for free if you want them to!

Apart from stopping the display of the security warning, ‘Not Secure’ on your website, an SSL do actually secure your website against a whole lot of online threats. Once you have it installed on your website it encrypts all communication between users devices and your website servers. That is great security for users data.

In addition, SSL has an SEO advantage. It gives your website an edge over sites without it in Google ranking. This is because Google is very concern about a secure internet and a major step towards that is making sure all websites are secure.

So don’t delay, be part of the effort to make the internet more secure, go get your website installed with an SSL today! Use the free SSL Certificate discount code: IAMSECURE to get it cheap at www.noworry.host.




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